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Here's a Corvair Corsa modified by John Fitch & Co. Inc., Falls Village, Connecticut. During the Sixties, the Fitch "Sprint" Corvair was marketed in various stages of tune.  The power train, suspension and steering were modified to turn the car into a grand touring machine. There were also cosmetic changes including a unique "Ventop" add-on, which became a signature Sprint item.

Fitch-enhanced Corsa

Fitch modifications to the '65 model enhanced the stock 140 horsepower Corsa into a more spirited car. Changes in the engine compartment included individual air cleaners for the 4 carburetors, an upgraded crankcase breather and 3 degrees of additional ignition advance. Advertised horsepower was 155.

A GT suspension package added progressive rate, auxiliary rubber springs and a pair of adjustable Gabriel shocks on the rear. Rear camber was set to one and a half degrees negative. Front suspension was set at four degrees positive caster with a quarter-degree of positive camber. Heat-treated and Magnafluxed short steering arms took the steering ratio down from the stock 23:1 to 15:1. Also available was a Delco steering damper unit from the Corvette parts bin. It was mounted using special brackets.

Other touches included available Hands aluminum wheels, a tempered aluminum, wood-rimmed steering wheel and a Lucas Flamethrower driving light mounted in the driver's side high beam position.

1965 Fitch Sprint - Photo by Stanley Dea (59387 bytes)
1965 Fitch Sprint - Photo by Stanley Dea, Los Angeles, CA

David Presson's 1966 Fitch Sprint
1966 Sprint owned by David Presson of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Photo by Rick Norris

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