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Some images were re-touched to enhance the viewing experience. In most cases, only the backgrounds were modified to remove debris or background clutter. In a few shots, side windows were removed (in effect, rolled down) to improve the looks of the hardtop models originally photographed with the windows closed. This was accomplished using Paint Shop Pro software.

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Why a Corvair Site?

At one time, I believed I was the most Corvair-obsessed individual on the planet. I've since come to my senses and now know I am not alone. The Internet does that. It causes you to realize others share your special interests, and it provides you with a wonderful opportunity to share those interests with others.

My fascination with Corvairs started in 1961, when my parents came home with a new Corvair 700, 4-door sedan with an automatic transmission and a unique shift control lever in the dashboard. It had no PARK position, therefore it was imperative to engage the emergency brake while parked. The in-dash shifter is often remembered, but it wasn't the Corvair's most remarkable feature. The flat-6 engine in the rear was.

After getting to know the family sedan Corvair, it wasn't long before I noticed the sporty '61 Monza coupe. Then, as explained in the introduction, I fell in love with the turbo-charged Monza Spyder, and later, ended up driving my Dad's '65 Corsa Sport Coupe after turning 16 and getting a driver's license in January, 1966.

1965 photo of Ernie's Corsa
Canadian built 140 Corsa and Corvair enthusiast, Gary Aubé, circa 1965

1965 Corvair grill bar

Since then, I've owned or leased a variety of cars including a 350 cubic inch (5.7 liter) Tuned Port Injection  IROC Z-28 Camaro, a BMW 635CSi, the awesome Lexus SC400 sport coupe, a Lexus ES300 sedan and an Acura TL. I've been fortunate to drive the stunning Dodge Viper (488 cubic inch V-10) and other very fast cars, and I consider the Corsa as appealing as any of those in its own way.


The collection

In 1997, I started collecting Corvair pictures, and as my collection grew, I decided to construct a web site dedicated to the car. At the time I knew very little about web design, and I  wanted to learn, so I combined the two interests and launched this site. I decided I would try to give the page a professional appearance with user-friendly navigation qualities, lots of pictures and facts about the Corvair. I began attending Corvair events and photographing Corvairs with the intention of building the most comprehensive Corvair photo gallery on the web. Since that time, others have had similar thoughts and have built Corvair sites of their own. You'll find most of them in this site's Links section.

I am a member of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA), which has over 5,000 members world-wide, and publishes a monthly newsletter called the Corsa Communiqué. The Communiqué has been published since the early '70s. Current and back issues are tremendous sources of technical information about the Corvair. If you are new to the Corvair hobby, I strongly encourage you to join the international CORSA organization or a local chapter near you. For more information on the club, its people and resources, visit the official Corvair Society of America website at:

Corvair Society of America Logo

Corvair at Texas World Speedway
'65 Corvair at Texas World Speedway


This site and its contents are in no way associated with, or endorsed by General Motors or the Chevrolet Motor Division. It's an enthusiast's site.

Emblems, including the Chevrolet bow-tie and the various Corvair emblems are Trademarks of General Motors. Their use is intended to enrich the viewing experience, not to infringe on Trademarks or misrepresent the product.

The future

1960 Corvair patch

October 2nd, 2008, marked the 49th anniversary of the introduction of the Corvair. Across North America and around the world, Corvair Clubs celebrated as they do each year, with cruises and other special events to honor the little car that began its 10-year production history as the 1960 Motor Trend Magazine Car of the Year.

I'll leave you with this thought: Volkswagen brought back the Beetle, Ford reinvented the classic T-Bird, and the Mini is back. If GM developed the will to reintroduce the rear-engine Corvair, I'd be one of the first to invest in the rebirth of a truly innovative North American car.

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