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A Mixed Bag of Corvairs

The following is a collection of pictures of Corvairs photographed by site visitors; a mixed bag of images collected randomly and in most cases, at Corvair gatherings. Details on some of the vehicles are sketchy, as the owners were not always available to provide information when the cars were photographed. Nevertheless, each is an interesting subject, and the Mixed Bag presentation gives me an opportunity to share them with you without mounting full fledged feature articles on the cars. The pictures include both stock and modified Corvairs, and some specialty vehicles incorporating Corvair engines or components.

This attractive early club coupe wears a 1961 grill bar, but is actually a '62, as the license plate suggests. Owned by Vance Piper of Novato, CA, the car has a Bill Thomas engine equipped with large valves, slant tube exhaust ports, custom stainless steel headers (that fit within stock lower shrouds), and 4 rotated primary stock HV carbs. Dig the rare Cal Custom bumpers and the fine looking set of custom wheels and spinners!

Early model Monza

This 1960, Horizon Blue, 700 club coupe was completely restored by Jeff Williams. It has the original style blue vinyl and cloth seat interior with the fold-down rear seat option, exact reproduction three-color vinyl door panel trim, optional armrests and right side sun visor, a gas heater, optional windshield washers, cigarette lighter, radio and outside rear view mirror. The power train includes an 80 hp engine and a Powerglide transaxle with a 3.55:1 final drive ratio.

1960 Corvair 700 club coupe

The tires are 195/75-R13 whitewalls and include a trunk mounted spare, in keeping with the 1960 model design (The majority of 1961 through '69 models had the spare mounted in the engine compartment to free up luggage space). It's interesting to note that the hubcaps are the deeper style that is correct for the '60 model. GM lessened the height of the same hubcaps for the '61 model year. Jeff says he's heard the height was reduced due to customer complaints about the deeper caps scraping curbs easily, but speculates the real reason for the change might have been to reduce production costs, as the shallower style caps were made from slightly less material.

The original stock rubber floor covering was replaced with carpet, as correct reproduction rubber flooring was not available, and the car was painted with a two-stage base coat color and clear coat.

After restoring the car, Jeff sold it to a friend and fellow CORSA member who promised to keep the car in "perfect" condition.

That's Jeff's brother and sister in the photo, putting the vintage Corvair to good use; transporting their surf boards for a day at the beach.

Say, "Aaaaaah!" At right we see an excellent example of a Corvair in Concours display mode; engine and trunk lids wide open, convertible top in transition. While this gives judges a great view of the contents and condition of the respective compartments, I prefer to see a car with its lids closed and top either up or down.

The '64 Monza  is tastefully accessorized with a set of genuine, aftermarket wire wheels.  

A well preserved 1964 Monza convertible

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