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Daytona 2000 - Corvair Speedweek

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Daytona, U.S.A. birthplace of NASCAR and the Daytona 500 provided the setting for the 30th Corvair Society of America (CORSA) convention, an international gathering of Corvair owners and enthusiasts joining in a celebration of the longevity of one of the most innovative cars ever to roll off the General Motors assembly lines.

The Corvair-infected came from all corners of America, Canada and Europe to participate in the events of Corvair Speedweek, a four-day funfest on the beach, on the streets, and the track at Daytona International Speedway, where both stock and competition-prepared Corvairs and Corvair-powered cars ran an autocross course on the infield track.

Having never before attended a national CORSA event, I was especially excited about the trip to Daytona from my home in Canada. My expectations were high, and I wasn't disappointed, as you'll see on the following pages.

Before getting underway, a quick note about the photos you will see. The majority are presented here at full screen width in 800 by 600 format. Setting your screen resolution accordingly will enhance your viewing, as will setting your color depth to the highest setting available on your computer. Anyone with a slow Internet connection may be better off viewing this feature at work, where connections are generally faster.

The following pages offer 100 photographs of Corvairs and Corvair-powered vehicles. Represented are both the early model cars and trucks, late models, and specialty vehicles such as Fitch Sprints, Yenko Stingers, the Corvair-powered Devin, Ultra Vans and even a Corvair-powered Porsche. At Daytona, there were no Corvair powered aircraft (like the helicopter that showed up at the 1980 convention in Atlanta), Corvair dune buggies, sand rails, or air-boats. There were some pretty exotic competition cars though, including the just completed Corv-8 owned by Rick Norris, CORSA's first president. If your don't have time to browse all 50 pages now, you might want to bookmark the last page you view, so you can return to the feature later.

1963 Monza convertible

This gem, a 1963 Monza owned by Richard Santore of Kingsport, Tennessee,  turned up at the front door of the host hotel, the Plaza Resort on Atlantic Avenue. Note the custom molded tonneau cover which sets the car apart from its brethren by transforming the sporty red convertible into a two-seat roadster. We'll take a look at a couple of other views of this car on the following page. 

Monza convertible custom tonneau cover

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