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This is the story of Marcel, Manuela and a Corvair named Angelita. Marcel restored her, Manuela named her, and Angelita is the object of their affections. This 4 page feature traces the history of the 1965 turbo coupe from the Willow Run assembly plant to Switzerland.

Mike Petrilla invested 4 years in the restoration of his turbocharged 1965 Corsa sport coupe and ended up with a showroom fresh Corvair with a little something special in the engine compartment. This flat-six was treated to some new technology and some of the best parts available.

Have a look at a wild 383 cubic-inch, mid-engine Corv-8 roadster built by Archibald Evans of Aesthetic Design Engineering LLC. Included in this 4 page feature is a preview of his current build, a wild 506 cubic-inch big block Corv-8!

Car and Driver's Editor at Large, Brock Yates, says that to the best of his knowledge, a Corvair has never been entered in the Cannonball Run or the One Lap of America...until now, that is. Check out Ron Blachut's Cannonball Corvair!

An updated feature focusing on late Sixties and early Seventies Corvair-bodied drag racing funny cars. The vintage 'vairs pictured in this feature played a part in the early development of this extremely popular drag racing class. Click here for the updated material or the road sign for all.

If you're looking for a good overview of Corvairs, this is it, coverage of 2001: A Corvair Odyssey - the CORSA International Convention. View 47 pages of photos of both early and late models. You won't be disappointed!

Many Corvair owners have owned more than one because, they say, the Corvair habit "gets in the blood." Have a look at Ron and Doris Blachut's 1966 Corsa convertible. It's a beauty in Tropic Turquoise, and it's the 4th Corvair to join the family.

Site survey respondents have repeatedly asked for Corvair action shots, and in this 10 page feature, we deliver. The scene is Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Rockton, Illinois, one day in advance of 2001: A Corvair Odyssey, The Corvair Society of America's International Convention.

Corvair Society of America member Bob Helt reminds us that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proved Ralph Nader wrong in his charges against the safety of the Corvair. Bob's remarks are accompanied by technical drawings of both early and late model suspensions.

The results of our 4th Visitor's Survey are available for viewing. Thanks to the 294 people who responded with their opinions, suggestions and comments, we have a collective opinion of both the Corvair and this website. The survey shapes the future direction of these pages.

The Corvair Society of America (CORSA) held its 30th annual convention in July, 2000, in Daytona Beach, Florida. Daytona 2000 Corvair Speedweek was a huge success. Included here are 48 pages of coverage and approximately 100 pictures of Corvair cars and trucks.

Are you a fan of stock Corvairs? Check out Mike Downey's beautiful 180 turbo Corsa. The Arizona based car is extremely well kept and a real knockout!

Have a look at Herb Berkman's Yenko Stinger, a '65 Corsa elevated to official Yenko status. This car breaks from the original Stinger color scheme and is a fine example of an awesome personalized Corvair!

This feature is called the "Mixed Bag" because it includes a random selection of photographs of various Corvairs and Corvair-powered vehicles send to us by site visitors. The feature, currently 3 pages long, will grow as new photos are added in the future.

Check out Jay Eitel's V-12 powered 1967 Monza sport coupe. Posted previously, this feature has been expanded from its original form to include additional photographs and more information from the builder of this unusual late model. The engine's in the front, but it still looks like a Corvair.

This one is a must see for turbocharger fans. Fellow Canadian Dave Binnie took an old, good, by imperfect concept and applied his creativity to it with amazing results. Check out his terrific blow-through turbocharged, 1965 Monza sport coupe!

Take a look at Jeff Brekke's Buick-powered Corsa, a Corvair with a twist. Unlike the Crown-style or Kelmark mid-engined V-8 and V-6 conversions, this car puts the engine where Chevy intended it to be, thanks to some reverse-rotation trickery.

The Fitch Sprint package offered by John Fitch & Company during the 60s enhanced both the looks and performance of the Corvair. In September, 1965, CAR and DRIVER magazine road tested a Fitch-modified Corsa and published the results. A flashback!

The late model Monza sport sedan is the subject of this feature. Jim Bryant had owned and enjoyed 2 Corvairs in the Sixties and early Seventies, but it wasn't until he started surfing the web that he decided it was time to go for Corvair #3. The fun is back!

On July 17, 1999, Corvair performance enthusiasts gathered at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Illinois for a day of fun and camaraderie. Site visitors Joe Robbins and Burt Hultman took photos and share them with us in this short feature. 

Site visitor, Scott Morehead, teams up with members of the Virtual 'Vairs Corvair discussion group to bring us a slice of the International CORSA Convention at Lake Tahoe. Check out a six-pack of rare Corvairs, from a single cylinder mini to a supercharged V-8 screamer.

This one, you have to see! NASCAR team player, John "Buck" Burkett dropped a NASCAR prepared Buick V-6 into a late model Corvair 500. Now he's without a back seat and looking for better brakes! 

Corvairs are sometimes handed down from generation to generation. That in itself isn't rare, but this Corvair is a little different. Have a look at Marcus Miller's supercharged 1964 Monza convertible. It doesn't end their with Marcus, either. He's also got a Corv-8! 

Corvair Atlanta's 16th Annual Springfest was held in Helen, Georgia, on April 24-25, 1999. On an invitation from club member, Chuck Armer, I attended the show, drove a Corvair for the first time in years, and came back with plenty of pictures. (21 pages)

After almost 4 decades on the road, Craig Cadwell's 1960 Corvair 700 is still going strong. This California Corvair obviously has lived up to its promise, delivering a unique driving experience that is still enjoyed daily, today!

The first Chevrolet to be named "Corvair" was based on the Corvette, and predated the production Corvair by 5 years. Have a look at three high quality period images of this remarkable vehicle.

The Corvair-powered Astro 1 design study vehicle was the hit of the 1967 New York International Auto Show. This 3-page feature examines its construction and its experimental, high output engine. It also provides a short history Corvair design god, Larry Shinoda.

Imagine browsing through a local newspaper and finding a Corvair with fewer than 5,000 miles on it. This is what happened to Roy Nakamura. He couldn't resist, and stepped up for the buy. A three page feature on one fine '69!

Here's the shortest feature on the site! Check out one of the most unusual Corvairs of all-time! And, while you're at it, try to imagine how this one would respond to some quick steering input at 100 miles per hour.

CORSA Ontario's John Gray had a vision of a personalized dark blue metallic Monza coupe. Starting with a completely disassembled car, he turned his vision into reality, and ended up with one classy looking and glued-to-the-road '64. Have a look at this short feature!

Most people wouldn't consider a 1963 Corvair 95 Rampside pickup an ideal candidate for a V-8 conversion. Check out this 9 page feature on the awesome custom pickup built by Atlanta's Ken Arnold. It's a show stopper and trophy winner!

Site visitors have frequently asked for more coverage on the early model Corvair. This owners' feature examines Doug Englin's rare, and generously accessorized, 1962 Monza station wagon.

This section features paint chip charts and color codes for all model years of U.S. built Corvairs, 1960 through 1969. Updated February 22, 1999, the Canadian section now includes 1965 and 1966 paint specifications.

Have you ever wondered just what are the differences in American and Canadian built late model 'vairs? Have a look at a rare Canadian Monza and find out.

If you want your spirits lifted, have a quick look at Norm Helmkay's Corvair-powered Ultra Van. Norm didn't have to do a lot of work to improve the demeanor of this compact motor home! This feature also includes Norm's excellent account of the history of the Ultra.

In November of 1965, Canadian Claude Blain took delivery of a Canadian built 1966 Corsa Sport Coupe fitted with Fitch Sprint equipment. The moment of delivery was captured on film.

I'll admit it. I've gone a little V-8 crazy in the past few days. This is a short feature on a Corvette Yellow, 350 powered Kelmark modified Corsa, and it's a must-see!

The V-8 Registry was started in 1993 to promote the exchange of information and ideas by enthusiasts of V-8 powered, modified Corvairs. The feature introduces you to its founder, showcases members' cars, and provides an excellent cutaway view of the Corv-8.

A 45 page feature on a Corv-8 restoration by Rick Norris, featuring detailed descriptions and photographs. This feature, first posted in late 1998, was updated in December, 2000. (Also found in Corv-8 Section.)

Check out the '66 Monza convertible that spent 15 years hidden away from the world before being discovered, restored, and returned to the cruise circuit.

Here's one for anyone interested in V-8 conversions. Check out Larry Claypool's '66 Monza. 425 cubic inches of Olds Toronado power spells trouble for the Corvette/Camaro crowd!

Corvair memorabilia is easy to find on the web. This 8 page feature showcases many of the items available, from old magazine covers to Corvair toys, cuff links and transistor radios.

See and read about Seth Emerson's California dream ride, a Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) A/Modified, Corvair-powered Lola.

Mike Mann has a special touch with Corvair engines! Check out his past and present turbo projects. (Updated picture of his fuel-injected, intercooled, turbo engine added on December 1/98)

Enjoy a ten page pictorial of the Bay State Corvairs' Fall Classic at Clark's Corvair Parts, October 10, 1998.

Shaun McGarvey's 1964 Corvair 500 Club Coupe was quite a find; just what the doctor ordered! Or was it his wife?

A text feature for Corvair and automotive history buffs from Richard A. Wright; an interesting chronicle of the rise and fall of the Corvair.

Check out Norman C. Witte's immaculate Regal Red '65 Corsa Sport Coupe and a pre-production Corsa. Includes a special treat for anyone running 1024x768 screen resolution or higher.

Chuck Armer's pair of '65 Corvairs includes a bad black coupe and a well-mannered convertible. First up, Mr. Vader, of course! (Upgraded photos and added new picture of Chuck's second Corvair, a '65 Monza convertible, December 11, 1998.)

In the mood for more Corvair pictures? Choose the Detroit Area Corvair Club Corvair Homecoming for 14 pages of event coverage.

For a variety of cars, including Corvairs and lots of original 60s muscle cars, hot rods and customs, visit Detroit's Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise!

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