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Friend of the Junkyard Dog

Almost 30 years after it was taken out of production, the Corvair enjoys a large support network of owners, enthusiasts, professional re-builders and parts suppliers. It takes a lot of research, parts-finding and hard work to transform a rusting heap into an award winner.

Hats off to those who rescue cars like this one and spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars restoring them to their former glory. This once was a healthy, Turbocharged '66 Corsa. Now it sits at the Corvair Ranch in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Like Neil Young said, "Rust never sleeps."

1966 turbo-charged Corvair emblem


'66 Turbo coupe at Corvair Ranch
What a place for a Turbocharged Corsa Coupe!

Restoration!'66 Corsa Turbo
Give me solid metal, fresh paint and a boulevard to cruise!

Ed Cole Award winner
Ed Cole Award winning Larry's Corvair Parts restoration

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