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Vintage custom wheels for the Corvair

Let's face it, some people just won't settle for factory wheel covers, no matter how attractive they are. Enter the aftermarket, with an endless variety of custom wheels that bolt up right up to the late model Corvair's 5-bolt pattern.

Of course, it also is possible to retrofit early model Corvairs, but it's a little more difficult because they used a four bolt pattern. Any good machine shop can safely re-drill axle flanges and brake drums to convert from the 4- to the 5-bolt pattern.

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Aftermarket wheels like the American Racing wheels to the left the Cragar S/S mags at right are correct for the period and still available from a variety of sources including their manufacturers. They not only look great, they help reduce un-sprung weight, and that  enhances handling and ride quality. Another bonus...owners of custom wheels never have to chase hubcaps!

Go to Cragar web site.

To go to the American Racing or Cragar web sites, click one of the mag wheel images.

When using after-market wheels, it is desirable to maintain stock offset, or the correct relationship between the mounting flange and the rim of the wheels. Stock Corvair wheels had one-inch offset, with the mounting surface of the wheel one inch closer to the outside of the rim than to the inside of the rim. Changing this relationship can create unwanted bump steer or otherwise degrade handling.

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