Corvair emblem Corsa fender emblem 1965 Corsa Turbocharged decal

Site visitor Alan DeFazio sent the following close-up pictures of his rebuilt 1966 turbo Corsa engine. Alan tried to match the stock appearance, using all stock parts, "right down to the bolts," and I'd say he's done an excellent job!

This king of the Corvair engines got new, forged pistons (.020" over, producing 166 cubic inches) and moly rings. The heads were freshened up with new valves and guides, new valve lifters were installed, and the carburetor and turbo were rebuilt.

1966 Corvair Corsa turbocharger
DeFazio turbo (Close-up 2)

1966 Corvair Corsa emblem Turbo-charged

The stock turbocharger is a draw-through design, with the carburetor ahead of the turbo. Other owners, less interested in preserving stock specifications or looking for more power, use a pair of purpose built single-barrel carburetors mounted at the heads and use a "blow-through" turbo arrangement. You can see how this is done by visiting this site's Extra! section. Look for the article there, or follow this link to Dave Binnie's blow-through turbo-charged '65 Monza. It's a bona fide beauty!

Interested is the history of the turbocharger? Read about origins of the exhaust-driven supercharger and read one writer's opinion of the part it played in the Corvair's evolution. Click on the road sign to continue.


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