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Site Visitors' Survey Results
Released January 1, 2001


In January of 2000, site visitors began recording their responses to our latest Visitors' Survey, actively participating in the site's future development. The survey provided what is known to web designers as a "form-to-e-mail" response, which was monitored daily as the survey progressed. By December 31st., 2000, 294 individuals had participated. From their responses, information was collected about the composition of the survey group, its preferences and its future expectations of the site.

Please note as you examine the results, some of the survey questions allowed multiple answers. Some respondents chose not to answer certain questions. Consequently, the total size of the sample base varies from question to question, as you will see in the tables that follow.



The majority of respondents to this survey were owners of Corvairs, so the collective perspective may differ from responses that would otherwise flow from a randomly selected group in the population at large. Further bias might be introduced by the fact that the survey is conducted by the Corvair Corsa website, rather than by an independent third party. Typically, survey respondents are influenced to some extent by the manner in which the survey is conducted. For example, if you were approached by someone in a Coca-Cola uniform who asked you, "Which tastes better, Coke or Pepsi?", your response might be different than if the person asking the question was wearing a Pepsi-Cola uniform. Some respondents tailor their responses to please the person asking the questions. Therefore, when this site asked respondents to identify a "favorite" Corvair series, some may have selected "Corsa" because this website is called Corvair Corsa.


The respondents:

The majority of respondents, 61.9%, claimed to own one or more Corvairs. The largest demographic group in the sample was aged 35-49, and represented 32.3% of the total sample.

The 50-65 year old group was also heavily represented, comprising 24.8% of the sample. The 20-34 year old group placed 3rd at 19.4% of the sample.

The three best represented groups combined, 20-34, 35-49 and 50-65, comprise 76.5% of the total sample group.

The under 35 group comprised 31% of the sample, an indication that the Corvair is still cultivating younger fans.

"No reply" responses from those unwilling to reveal their age bracket comprised 9.9% of the sample.

Age Respondents %
Under 20 34 11.6
20-34 57 19.4
35-49 95 32.3
50-65 73 24.8
Over 65 6 2.0
No reply 29 9.9
Total 294 100%

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