Corvair Monza 900 Spyder Turbo-charged

The 1964 Monza Spyder provided the best performance and handling available in an early model Corvair. There is no doubt, it was king of the first generation lineup.

For the 1964 model year, Chevrolet increased the Spyder engine's displacement from 145 to 164 cubic inches. The horsepower rating curiously remained the same as the 1963 model, at 150. I'll speculate that the actual horsepower rating was closer to the 180 horsepower rating of the 1965 turbo engine, but General Motors wanted to save news of the power increase for the marketing of the second generation car.

The Spyder was a striking car, not only because of its basic good looks, but because of trim touches like the polished rocker panels, the huge chrome turbo tail-pipe and an attractive, bucket seat interior complete with an instrument panel exclusive to the model.

150 Horsepower Turbo Spyder
Turbo Spyder
1964 Monza Spyder

If your browser is Java-enabled, click on the Spyder and we'll take you to Spyder Lake.

Just how engaging were the first generation Corvairs? Click on the road sign for an unusual Corvair love story.

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