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Corvair Paint Colors - 1963 - U.S.A.

R.P.O. No. Color Lucite No. Rinshed-Mason No. Ditzler No.
900 Tuxedo Black 88L A 946 DDL 9300
905 Laurel Green 4255L A1485 DDL42975
908 Ivy Green 4394L A1542 DDL43125
912 Silver Blue 4250L A1481 DDL12546
914 Monaco Blue 4391L A1543 DDL12711
918 Azure Aqua 4253L A1476 DDL12525
919 Marine Aqua 4390L A1541 DDL43114
920 Autumn Gold 4257L A1478 DDL22268
922 Ember Red 4387LH A1538R DDL71336
932 Saddle Tan 4392L A1537 DDL22269
934 Cordovan Brown 4393L A1535 DDL22294
936 Ermine White 4024L A1199 DDL 8259
938 Adobe Beige 4256L A1486 DDL22137
940 Satin Silver 4247L A1477 DDL32173
948 Palomar Red 4289L A1536 DDL50633

Chevy Code

TuxedoBlack.jpg (348 bytes)
Tuxedo Black

Chevy Code

EmberRed.jpg (549 bytes)
Ember Red


LaurelGreen.jpg (856 bytes)
Laurel Green


SaddleTan.jpg (769 bytes)
Saddle Tan


IvyGreen.jpg (815 bytes)
Ivy Green


CordovanBrown.jpg (764 bytes)
Cordovan Brown


SilverBlue.jpg (915 bytes)
Silver Blue


ErmineWhite.jpg (347 bytes)
Ermine White


MonacoBlue.jpg (796 bytes)
Monaco Blue


AdobeBeige.jpg (416 bytes)
Adobe Beige


AzureAqua.jpg (916 bytes)
Azure Aqua


SatinSilver.jpg (882 bytes)
Satin Silver


MarineAqua.jpg (687 bytes)
Marine Aqua


PalomarRed.jpg (676 bytes)
Palomar Red


AutumnGold.jpg (798 bytes)
Autumn Gold

Thank you to those who assisted in compiling this information. In particular, thanks to the Corvair Society of America (CORSA) and Tony Fiore, author of the excellent Corvair resource book, The Corvair Decade.

I would also like to acknowledge the contributions of members of the Virtual 'Vairs free Internet e-mail discussion group. Thanks to Mark Grady and John Wedge, who contributed mint copies of paint chip charts from which to scan the color chips, and to Kent Sullivan for sharing his knowledge.

Disclaimer: The displayed colors were scanned in 24-bit color using actual paint chip charts. Color calibration was achieved using a Matrox Millennium graphics card. They are best viewed by adjusting the brightness of your monitor to the point at which the black background on this page appears truly black. Please keep in mind that the colors are only approximate. If you are in the process of making an important color decision, I urge you to contact your Corvair parts vendor for actual chip charts.

Paint chips posted with permission of Clark's Corvair Parts Inc.



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