Early model Corvair emblem (3646 bytes) Corvair Monza Spyder emblem dash

Early model Corvair standard and Spyder instrument clusters

The Corsa's equivalent in the first generation Corvair was the Monza Spyder. Offered in the 1962 through 1964 model years, it also had a full complement of gauges, minus the clock. Clocks were available as an option that mounted on the dash, forward of the ashtray, as the picture below the dash panels.

Early Corvair dash
Standard early dash
Spyder instrumentation
Monza Spyder dash

Thanks to Dick Kaneshiro of the Corvair Center for the excellent photo, below. I sent him e-mail, asking if he had any high quality images of a Spyder dashboard. He sent regrets that he didn't have one on hand. Then, a month later, he surprised me with this image, which he captured at South Coast Corsa in Los Angeles.

'64 Corvair Monza Spyder dashboard
Bob Hoffman's '64 Monza Spyder

End of Corvair Interior section

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