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Doug Englin's 1962 Monza station wagon

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When he first encountered his '62 Monza wagon, Doug Englin claims he knew "nothing" about Corvairs. What interested him most was the fact that it had bucket seats, a feature he'd never before seen in a station wagon. Although he found the car in his home state of Illinois, it was originally from South Dakota, where vintage cars typically have very little rust. South Dakota winters are so cold that road salt is an ineffective ice fighting agent. Non-corrosive abrasives are used instead.

Doug was also attracted by the cool, Twilight Blue color of the '62.

The Monza wagon is equipped with the optional 102 horsepower, 145 cubic inch displacement engine, and a Powerglide transmission. The tinted windshield, and in fact, all the glass on the station wagon is different than the glass on early model coupes and sedans. A taller "green house" was used on the station wagons to maximize load space.

The more Doug got into the restoration of the car, the more he learned about Corvairs, thanks in part to fellow Corvair aficionado, Larry Claypool, who lives nearby.

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With the lift-gate up and the engine access cover raised, we get a view of the Monza's engine. The low silhouette of the aluminum flat-six allows the wagon a flat cargo area floor.

The engine uses two single-barrel Rochester carburetors and dual air-cleaners. No "black boxes" or other wizardry here. Tuning is easy!

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In the process of restoring the car, Doug added many original factory accessories. It took 4 years to find all of the parts, but it obviously was a labor of love.

Added were a clock, tissue dispenser, wire wheel covers, ventshades, door edge guards, bumper guards, dual outside mirrors and front floor mats.

Original emblems were replaced with new old stock (NOS) pieces, the aluminum and stainless trim were re-polished, and the bumpers were re-chromed.

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