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Corvair Paint Colors - 1966 - Canada

These "virtual" paint chips were scanned in 24-bit color from an original paint chip chart. Variations may have been introduced during processing, and further inaccuracies may be displayed by some types of computer monitors. You should consider the color examples approximate.


Paint Job No. Dulux No. Color Paint Job No. Lucite No.
A 93-005* Tuxedo Black 3A No. 88
B DUM-2113 Blue Charcoal Met. 3B 4622-L
C DU-2086 Provincial White 3C 4024-L
DUM-2127 Mist Blue Met. No. 2 3D 4630-L
E DUM-2087 Royal Mist Met. 3E 4631-L
F DUM-2088 Marina Blue Met. 3F 4704-L
H DUM-2089 Laurel Mist Met. 3H 4633-L
J DUM-2128 Cypress Green Met. No. 2 3J 4634-L
K DUM-2129 Artesian Turquoise Met. No. 2 3K 4628-L
L DUM-2090 Tropic Turquoise Met. 3L 4703-L
M DUM-2091 Aztec Bronze Met. 3M 4707-L
N DUM-2032-H* Madeira Maroon Met. 3N 4624-LH
P DUM-2092 Plum Mist Met. 3P 4705-LH
R DU-2111-H Regal Red No. 2 3R 4625-LH
T DUM-2093 Sandalwood Tan Met. 3T 4706-L
V DU-2112 Cameo Beige No. 2 3V 4401-L
W DUM-2094 Chateau Slate Met. 3W 4708-L
Y DU-2095 Lemonwood Yellow 3Y 4709-L
A 3A TuxedoBlack.jpg (348 bytes)
Tuxedo Black
  TropicTurquoise.jpg (767 bytes)
Tropic Turquoise Met.
L 3L
B 3B BlueCharcoal.jpg (600 bytes)
Blue Charcoal Met.
  AztecBronze.jpg (651 bytes)
Aztec Bronze Met.
M 3M
C 3C ProvincialWhite.jpg (347 bytes)
Provincial White
  MadeiraMaroon.jpg (691 bytes)
Madeira Maroon Met.
N 3N
3D MistBlue.jpg (832 bytes)
Mist Blue Met.
  PlumMist.jpg (758 bytes)
Plum Mist Met.
P 3P
E 3E RoyalMist.jpg (576 bytes)
Royal Mist Met.
  RegalRed.jpg (521 bytes)
Regal Red No. 2
R 3R
F 3F MarinaBlue.jpg (765 bytes)
Marina Blue Met.
  SandalwoodTan.jpg (763 bytes)
Sandalwood Tan Met.
T 3T
H 3H LaurelMist.jpg (724 bytes)
Laurel Mist Met.
  CameoBeige.jpg (424 bytes)
Cameo Beige No. 2
V 3V
J 3J CypressGreen.jpg (711 bytes)
Cypress Green Met. No. 2
  ChateauSlate.jpg (624 bytes)
Chateau Slate Met.
W 3W
K 3K ArtesianTurquoise.jpg (751 bytes)
Artesian Turquoise Met. No. 2
  LemonwoodYellow.jpg (386 bytes)
Lemonwood Yellow
Y 3Y

*Also used in 1965

Two-tone paint jobs are coded with two letters, with the first letter representing the lower color and the second letter representing the upper color.

NOTE: In 1966, there were three more colors available on Canadian Corvairs than on U.S. counterparts (18 vs. 15), and several of the names were different:
Royal Mist metallic was the same as U.S. Danube Blue (same DuPont/Lucite numbers), Laurel Mist metallic was the same as U.S. Willow Green and Provincial White was the same as U.S. Ermine White. Blue Charcoal, Cypress Green, and Plum Mist were used on all Canadian-built GM cars in '66 (probably with differing names). All three were not available on Chevrolets in the U.S. but were available on other GM lines in the U.S. (except perhaps for Plum Mist).

The first version of the '66 U.S. brochure (but not the Canadian brochure nor the revised U.S. brochure) states that Marina Blue, Chateau Slate, and Lemonwood Yellow were not available on 500s. I guess there was a change made either mid-year or perhaps before the cars were even produced, since the brochures were printed ahead of time.

Disclaimer: The displayed colors were scanned in 24-bit color using actual paint chip charts. Color calibration was achieved using a Matrox Millennium graphics card. They are best viewed by adjusting the brightness of your monitor to the point at which the black background on this page appears truly black. Please keep in mind that the colors are only approximate. If you are in the process of making an important color decision, I urge you to contact your Corvair parts vendor for actual chip charts.

Paint chips and codes posted with the assistance of Dupont Canada.
Paint chips common to U.S.A. posted with the Permission of Clark's Corvair Parts Inc.



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