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Many Corvair Corsa site visitors have asked for more custom Corvairs and V-8 conversions. Thanks to Rick Norris of the V-8 Registry, Chapter 006 of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA), we're able to answer those requests with an in-depth feature on the restoration of a '66 Monza Sport Coupe equipped with an original Crown Manufacturing Inc. Corv-8 kit.

Rick is a long time Corvair lover and supporter, and he's a man with credentials. For example, in 1971, he was elected the first national president of CORSA at the first national convention in Chicago. Now, more than 25 years later, he's still setting an example for everyone interested in driving a Corvair into the next millennium. The Corvair may be an antique, but with enthusiasts like Rick around, it'll never get old.

Rick's car, purchased in 1994 on a lead from Russ Brandenburg of the V-8 Registry, was converted into a Crown Corv-8 around 1970. It had been flogged pretty hard by at least one of its three previous owners, and the engine and transaxle were basket cases. But, all the original Crown components were there, so Rick decided to rebuild it and improve on the original design.

After making his purchase, Rick carefully chronicled his progress in photographs  and text during the various stages of reconstruction. When he sent me his materials, I realized they would support the multi-page spread that follows. So, set your monitor to 800 x 600 or higher and enjoy your visit to Rick's garage. The photos on this page provide a clue to the magic we'll find there.

Early drive train mockup

As we can see from the power train mockup above, and the fit-up at right, the Norris magic is created in a clean, spacious garage, using a lot of new or refurbished hardware.

We'll take a close look at the hardware and his methods of construction as we move forward. Ahead, approximately ninety photographs provide a thorough look at what is in my opinion, the right way to set up a Crown conversion.

Early engine fit-up

Because there are so many pages in the feature, you have two navigation options. To move progressively through the feature, click the road sign with the arrow on it. To access specific features of the restoration, click the road sign marked 'Index.' From the index page, you can jump to specific areas of interest.

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